Mybelle Spot Light -Tone dial telephone - Flashing Handset/Body

Mybelle Spot Light -Tone dial telephone - Flashing Handset/Body

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This telephone works on any telephone line.


Now this is a real beauty! Take yourself back to the decade of leg-warmers, shell-suites, headbands and bright colours and you will see the Mybelle transparent flashing  telephone!

From the 1980's - good happy times! Fitted with an illuminted keypad and lights that flash on an incoming call both in the handset and the base! Not forgetting the traditional brass internal bell that can be turned off should you need to. This telephone can be tone or pulse dial at the flick of a switch so it will work with any provider and when "T" is selected (tone), it is suitable for telephone banking and menu selection. Carefully renovated by ourselves even down to us reproducing the number dial card! Please remember this is a vintage item and as such we cannot guarantee the longevity of the internal bulbs. 

  • Product Info

    • Works with any provider
    • Flashing handset/base
    • Bell on/off
    • Suitable for telephone banking
    • 6 months guarantee