Ronnie Retro Telephones


Ronnie Retro is a small business based on the beautiful Welsh island of Anglesey. 

A company that is run on pure passion for anything connected with telecommunication from all over the world.

Ronnie, (a.k.a. Martin) himself started his passion for telephones and radio communication way back in the 70’s when his late father ‘Ted’ worked for the GPO (General Post Office). 

Ronnie’s siblings remember their father returning home from work with decommissioned ‘bakelite candle stick telephones’ for them to play with as the 200 and 300 desk top series telephone were being introduced to subscribers, (a little before Ronnie’s time, as he is the youngest in the family).


 From the age of six and his first ‘copy’ of a world war one field telephone constructed entirely from cereal packets and sellotape which was met with much adulation from his father, Ronnie through the years has witnessed first hand the transition from landline to mobile telecommunication to the point where you could say it is in his blood.

As a qualified Auto Electrical Engineer and Cabinetmaker he has the skills to carry out any request or workload with reference to telephones from any era.

This ability has enabled Ronnie Retro’s to grow from strength to strength with customers returning time after time to add to their collections and to bring back memories of their own childhood when using Ronnie’s renovated telephones.


The term ‘they don’t make things like they use to do’ has never been more befitting when referring to telephones from over a hundred years ago through to the 21st century.

When purchasing any telephone from ‘Ronnie Retro’ you can rest assured you will be receiving apparatus that has been carefully and painstakingly renovated that will not only look beautiful but will function just as it did or if not better than when it was first made. 


Bring the 'ring ring' back into your life! You will not be disappointed.

We have been renovating telephones for over 12 years now and take great pleasure and pride in what we do.

You can’t beat the bygone ring-ring and the rustic analogue sound through the ear piece. The dialling of that 11 digit mobile number is fantastic and you realise how things ‘use to be’ and how advanced we have become.


Ronnie Retro's telephones are all used and carry the original wear of a phone that can be up to 100 years of age.

The renovation process is to retain as many of the original parts and more importantly retain its look. You do not buy a Chippendale dining table and paint it with gloss paint to make it look brand new.

Please Note

We NEVER use BRAND         NEW recently reproduced cases or handsets when renovating ANY of our telephones. The art and skill to restore and renovate a telephone is not to fit it with brand new replacement parts, it is to take the time to preserve what is already there.


  • Each telephone is dismantled and cleaned.

  •  All moving parts lubricated where necessary.

  • New components added to allow the phones to work alongside your broadband to prevent speed drop and interference.

  • Any broken parts are replaced like for like with that particular phone/model,(where possible).

  • The telephone is then calibrated using genuine vintage Post Office apparatus to ensure its maximum performance and reliability.

  • Bells and dials are tested and adjusted and are then ready for operation.

  • A three stage polishing process finishes the renovation prior to re-assemble and test.

  • The renovated telephone is then tested on our own private line for incoming and out going calls, dial performance, volume, transmitter (microphone)response, bell tone and function.

  • Finally the telephone is connected to the main BT line for  7 days before it is signed off as fully operational, packed and stored ready for photographing and sale.


 We are sure anyone who purchases a telephone from Ronnie Retro will not be disappointed.

We offer a 12 month guarantee with our telephones against malfunction, (unless indicated on the listing).

If you should be unfortunate to encounter a problem drop us an email or telephone us to arrange the return of your telephone.

All we ask is that you pay the postage to get your telephone to us and we will repair the telephone and post it back free of charge!

That’s how confident we are of the telephones we sell.

Thank you for looking at and taking the time to visit our website.


Ronnie Retro