Pulse/Tone Dial

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Whether you purchase a vintage dial telephone from us at Ronnie Retro or another company, all vintage dial telephones are pulse dial and they will only function correctly on a telephone line that supports pulse dialling.


If your line does not support pulse dialling, the bells will ring on an incoming call and a call can be answered but you will be unable to dial a number.


It is always best to check therefore, prior to purchasing, that your telephone service provider supports pulse dialling.


If your telephone line does not support pulse dialling, then a pulse to tone converter would need to be fitted to your telephone prior to dispatch in order to allow you to dial out and use the telephone for banking and menu selection.

These are available in our shop to add to your basket prior to checkout.


If your telephone line does support pulse dialling then a tone converter will not be required.


All vintage telephones must be plugged into a socket or adapter/broadband filter that has a ring capacitor inside for the telephone bells to ring correctly, (usually supplied by your telephone line provider).

If you have any questions please contact us prior to purchasing your telephone.


We are here to help – Thank you