713 Pendant Telephone- Grey & Brown - Rare - Tone Dial! -A very nice  example.

713 Pendant Telephone- Grey & Brown - Rare - Tone Dial! -A very nice example.

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 We guarantee you will not see many of these telephones for sale! To find one with all the components would be rare, but to find one renovated, wired and a fully working example - never! (well apart from this one). To top it all off we have bought it into the 21st century and fitted a pulse to tone converter  so it will work with any provider and is suitable for telephone banking too!

We are so excited to have renovated one of these and being able to offer it for sale.


Introduced in the 60's for the business executive who did not like 'clutter' on their desktops and who wanted any telephones 'hidden away' this telephone did just that.

The unit comprises of three components, the handset/cradle, the dial drawer and the bell box containing the bells and network. 

Imagine sitting at your pedastel desk and being able to reach for the handset (which can be mounted  on either side of you on the front or either side of the inside well of your desk) pull out the dial from its drawer and lower it to lock it into postion and then make your call.

When you have finished your call, replace the handset, lift up the dial and it will automatically retract back into its drawer and is hidden away.

Please see all the photographs in the listing as you can see a possible 'mounting' example.


The only limitation for mouting each component is your imagination and the length of each component's cable which is approximately 2 - 2.5metres. The dial, cradle and line cord all connect to the bell box.

We advise you on planning the mounting, installation and cable routes of this item prior to purchasing.

This will be delivered to you all connected and ready for you to mount,  plug in and use. You do not have to make any connections or disconnect or alter any wiring.


Please Note

There are a lot of connections to this telephone between the handset and bell box alone. 

We strongly advise not to disconnect any cables from their relevant components as there are over 40 connections in total to be made for it to function correctly and the wiring/colour coding is unique to this telephone.

If you have any questions at all please contact us prior to purchasing.


Do not forget to let us know on check out what telephone number and area you would like on the dial card . If we do not hear from you the current one will be sent.


An ideal gift for a birthday, wedding or 'just because' you love him or her.


Go on, replace one of your cordless land line phones with a piece of nostalgia. Even as an ornament they look amazing and we guarantee the two questions you will be asked are, “Does it work”? and “is it old”? and with our telephones you can reply “Yes it’s a Ronnie Retro”?

  • Product info

    • 12 months guarantee
    • Fitted with an Electronic Microphone.
    • Pulse to Tone Coverter Included Free of charge
    • Fully renovated 
    • Lovely condition
    • Works on any  BT  telephone line
    • Will work on any other telephone line
    • Will not effect broadband speed in anyway due to it's detailed conversion.
    • Just 'plug and play'