700 Series - External  Telephone Handset  Amplifier

700 Series - External Telephone Handset Amplifier

SKU: 19651919

Wow! Now here is something unique to us here at Ronnie Retro!


This device can be added to any 700 series telephone and it allows you to increase the volume in you handset during  a call. This is ideal not just for telephones that are in noisy enviroments but for when your caller is talking quietly or for the hard of hearing.

Although it is 'hard wired into your telephone it can be completely removed  in the future and it will not harm or affect your telephone in any way.

As it is external to your telephone it can be placed on the desk either side of your telephone or even placed around the back until you need to use it.

Fitted with anti-scratch feet and at only 24mm high (excluding volume knob) x 56mm wide and 75mm long this has to be a must for any vintage 700 series telephone.


Currently only available to be fitted to your telephone prior to dispatch however, we do hope to have this as a 'sold seperately add on' in the future for DIY fitting.