1981 756 Push Button

1981 756 Push Button

SKU: 1965793

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This great telephone is in amazing condition and has been fully renovated and is ready to plug in and use in your BT phone socket. 

With over 60 parts to dismantle and clean in the key pad alone we have 'gone to town' on this great telephone.

Being the early 'pulse tone' push button dialling telephone it takes just the same amount of time to dial a number as the old rotary dial telephones, regardless of how fast you manage to press the buttons!

A great phone and great fun!

Bring a little nostalgia back into your living room, bedroom or any room in your home.

  • Product info

    • All complete
    • 12 Month Guarantee
    • Fully renovated 
    • Lovely condition
    • New line cord fitted (to allow for the modern phone sockets)
    • Works on any BT telephone line
    • Will work fully on other Pulse dial telephone lines.
    • Will not affect broadband speed in anyway due to it's detailed conversion.


    This is a pulse dial telephone and requires a telephone line that supports pulse dialling. 

    Please check with your provider. 

    If you are unsure, a ‘Pulse to Tone Converter’ cannot be fitted to this type of telephone.