1966 ITT '500' Black Dial Telephone

1966 ITT '500' Black Dial Telephone

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Fully renovated and ready to get back to work. 


This model of telephone has been the backbone of America's telecommunication network for decades. Internally rewired to prevent the need of an adapter and fitted with one of our in house manufactured black cloth covered line cords it is sure to please.

Robust and beautifully designed these telephones are so robust you cannot be impressed by them.

A few companies manufactured this type of telephone and it comes under many names such as Western Electric and ITT to name but two it is however, best decribed as the 500 model.

The numbers and letters on the 500 were moved to the circumference of the dial plate to make them clearly visible from a wide range of viewing angles even while the dial was spinning back to its resting position, and dots were placed in the center of the finger holes as targets to help position the finger quicker for dialing of the next digit while the wheel was still spinning back.


Great telephone and it would be nice to have it on a counter or desk top. With its adjustable twin bell ringer this telephone is a delight to hear!


Go on, replace one of your cordless land line phones with a piece of nostalgia. Even as an ornament they look amazing and we guarantee the two questions you will be asked are, “Does it work?” and “Is it old?” and with our telephones you can reply “ Yes it’s a Ronnie Retro!”

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    • All complete
    • 12 months guarantee
    • New line cord fitted
    • Fully renovated.
    • Great condition
    • Will work on any Bt pulse dial telephone line.
    • Will work on any other pulse dial telephone line
    • Will not affect broadband speed in anyway due to it's detailed conversion
    • Fully tracked and signed for postage included.


    This is a pulse dial telephone and requires a telephone line that supports pulse dialling. 

    Please check with your provider. 

    If you are unsure, a ‘Pulse to Tone Converter’ can be fitted and this will enable your telephone to function on any telephone line. 

    This can be fitted at a cost of £35 prior to dispatch.