1964 French Bakelite Desk Top 'Exchange' Telephone

1964 French Bakelite Desk Top 'Exchange' Telephone

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This lovely little french telephone is a beautifully designed piece. In full bakelite it is definitely a telephone to be admired and added to anyones collection. The photographs do not do this little gem justice.

It has no cracks or chips and  is ready to plug in and use in your telephone socket.


When this arrived with us to use the word 'butchered' would be an under statement.

The telephone had had the majority of its internal wires removed and some componets too.

We have painstakingly restored this telephone to its current working condition.

The three exchange buttons on the top are left purely for cosmetic reasons apart from the far right button which during a call when pressed mutes the second ear peice that sits neatly on the back of the telephone. Someone else can listen in on your telephone call whilst being close to you or you can hold the receiver to one ear and the second ear peice to your other ear for improved listening during a call.

The handset has been updated with an electronic transmitter and a replacement receiver capsule too as the original ones had failed.

We have even enabled the little chevron call indicator (bottom right hand corner on the telephone) to work and turn from black to white on an incoming call and as these never came with a bell, we have fitted a little gentle sounding bell inside.

All cords have been replaced, two of our own cloth covered cords for the handset and auxillary ear piece and a black pvc cable for the line cord.

This is a beautiful telephone that we have rescued and is a real delight to both look at and use!



  • Product Info

    • All complete
    • 12 Month Guarantee 
    • Fully renovated
    • Great condition
    • New line plug fitted (to allow for the modern phone sockets)
    • Works on any BT pulse dial telephone line
    • Will work fully on other Pulse dial telephone lines.
    • Will not affect broadband speed in anyway due to it's detailed conversion.


    This is a pulse dial telephone and requires a telephone line that supports pulse dialling. 

    Please check with your provider. 

    If you are unsure, a ‘Pulse to Tone Converter’ can be fitted and this will enable your telephone to function on any telephone line. 

    This can be fitted at a cost of £35 prior to dispatch.