Pulse/Tone Converter- Enables your dial telephone to function on any line

Pulse/Tone Converter- Enables your dial telephone to function on any line

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Please be aware this item is only available to be fitted to your new telephone and will be needed to be added to your cart before checkout, (this is not  a d.i.y. item and cannot be purchased seperately).


We can fit a pulse to tone converter to pretty much any dial telephone. This allows your telephone to be used with a telephone provider that no longer supports pulse dialing and  allow your telephone to work on most VOIP (voice over internet protocol) systems. It will also enable telephone banking.

 Not only that, it retains the original external look of your telephone. 

By using the finger dial as normal you will be able to dial 1-9 and 0 but the converter will also allow you to dial a ‘star’ and ‘hash’ key for menu selection too! So instead of ‘pulses (or clicks) the telephone will transmit ‘Tones’ (or beeps) down the telephone line.

This very clever item allows you to keep your vintage telephone in service for the foreseeable future, as some providers may not support ‘pulse dialing’ .

At only £40 including installation this is well worth considering to add to your latest telephone purchase from Ronnie Retro.

Any questions or queries let us know - we are here to help!


We can install a tone converter to your current telephone, however, postage and packaging charges will apply. Please get in touch if you reqiure this service.

  • Item info

    • Uses Tones instead of pulses
    • Suitable for telephone banking
    • Will work on any telephone line
    • Will work on most VOIP systems
    • Retains the external appearance of your telephone