PO Linesman / Army Field Telephone

PO Linesman / Army Field Telephone

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Here we have a 1976 Post Office linesman's telephone which were also used as army field telephones.

What makes this one a little special is that we have converted it and added certain things to not only enhance its looks they also add to its functionality.


When a telephone comes to us for repair / restoration sometimes it is a little difficult to decide 'how far to go' with the renovation process. We try to keep as many original parts as possible and to retain its 'used look'.

Our main objective is to 'revive' as many of the telephones we have and to get them fully functioning again for modern day use so they can be used again for many generations to come and not forgetting they need to look asthetically pleasing too. 

As you can appreciate this telephone will no longer be out in the field or used as test apparatus up a telegraph pole so we have turned it into a Desk Telephone.


It has been fully stripped down cleaned and polished and made entirely safe to use on current telephone lines alongside broad band and internet services.

Certain components have been disconnected to make the telephone safe to use and the switch has been adapted to still function.

The white button on the handset is a 'Mute' button so when pressed no sound is sent to the second party.

Rubber feet have been added as to not damage the surface it will be sitting on.

The long shoulder strap has been removed but we have retained the original lid hinge straps.

The switch when moved to the left turns the ring buzzer off and flashes a red light to alert you of an incoming call. When it is in its 'rest 'position both the buzzer will sound and the light will flash on an incoming call.

To cap it all off we have sourced an ORIGINAL 1962 head set that would have been used with this telephone and that is included. This enabled the user to answer and end calls by just plugging in or unplugging  the head set. So you had the early 'Hands Free' telephone. ( the rod in the photographs that supports the head set is purely for display purposes, but it will be sent with the telephone, should you wish to use it).


This is an amazing telephone and will bring someone plenty of joy and would make a lovely 'functioning' ornament to be admired and talked about.






  • Product Info

    • All complete
    • 12 Month Guarantee 
    • Fully renovated and restored
    • Outstanding  condition
    • New line cord fitted (to allow for the modern phone sockets)
    • Works on any BT pulse dial telephone line
    • Will work fully on other Pulse dial telephone lines.
    • Will not affect broadband speed in anyway due to it's detailed conversion.
    • We will supply a custom die cut card centre with your number and village name on it once purchased.(current one is just for photo).


    This is a pulse dial telephone and requires a telephone line that supports pulse dialling. 

    Please check with your provider. 

    If you are unsure, a ‘Pulse to Tone Converter’ can be fitted and this will enable your telephone to function on any telephone line. 

    This can be fitted at a cost of £35 prior to dispatch.