Outdoor /Indoor  Single Button / Emergency / Wall Telephone

Outdoor /Indoor Single Button / Emergency / Wall Telephone

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An unusual outdoor telephone this one and not our usual item to restore but still it does look a 'cracker'.
At 20 years old and constructed from a resin composite material and bright yellow this telephone is water proof and vandel resistant too.
It has the capability to store any telephone number you wish for example reception, the main house, a parent or guardians number, head office, the boss or even 999. This number is stored and by lifting the handset and pressing '1' on the front of the telephone the number will be automatically dialed. Use it by the pool, equestrian, main gate, workshop, granny flat, annexe, wherever you like.

It comes fitted with a new 2.5m line cable. Should you wish to use it outdoors this can be changed to a 30 metre outdoor cable at no extra cost. (please message us on check out with your preference).


A lovely durable telephone ready to get back to work and grace any home or office, pool side , equestrian, workshop - anywhere you need an outdoor weather proof telephone. This telephone will work on any telephone line with any provider.


Bring a little nostalgia back into your living room, bedroom or any room in your home. An ideal present for him or her, birthday or wedding or even 'just because'. A great telephone.


Go on, replace one of your cordless land line telephones. Even as an ornament they look amazing and we guarantee the two questions you will be asked are, “Does it work”? and “is it old”?  and with our telephones you can reply “Yes it’s a Ronnie Retro”!

  • Product info

    • Complete
    • This telephone will work on any telephone line with any provider.
    • 6 Month guarantee
    • Fully renovated 
    • Very good condition
    • New line cord fitted (to allow for the modern telephone sockets)
    • Works on any telephone line
    • Will not effect broadband speed in anyway.