Gold Contempra  1980's Desk/ Wall Telephone - Dial ( Pulse to Tone )

Gold Contempra 1980's Desk/ Wall Telephone - Dial ( Pulse to Tone )

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This telephone works on any telephone line.


This  gold Contempra  desk/ wall telephone is in great condition and has been fully renovated and is ready to plug in and use in your telephone socket .

 It is a standard dial Contempra telephone but has has had a pulse to tone converter fitted .

This is now a  'Tone' dial telephone so it will work on any provider and on any telephone line and is suitable for telephone banking and other 'menu select' services.


The Contempra telephone  is a two piece telephone with a modern design  when it was launched in the 1980's by British Telecom as part of their ' Speacial Range' as it as a rotary dial incorporated into the handset. 

The dial is of smaller diameter than usual and the finger stop is designed to move during use in order to give the required rotary travel. 

It has two switch hooks one is in the main body of the telephone, with a second one in the handset to enable calls to be made without replacing the handset.

 An internal bell is fitted with a user adjustable volume control located at the side of the base. Colours that were available are Brown, Gold and Orange. 


 A lovely durable telephone ready to get back to work and grace any home or office - anywhere you need a fantastic looking telephone.

This has been totally stripped down, cleaned, rewired and fitted with a line cord with a standard BT plug and is ready to just plug in and use.

Bring a little nostalgia back into your living room, bedroom or any room in your home. An ideal present for him or her, birthday or wedding or even 'just because'. A great telephone.


Go on, replace one of your cordless land line phones. Even as an ornament they look amazing and we guarantee the two questions you will be asked are, “Does it work”? and “is it old”?  and with our telephones you can reply “Yes it’s a Ronnie Retro”!

  • Product info

    • 12 digit 'simulated'  keypad ( pulse to tone converter fitted)
    • 12 Month guarantee
    • Adjustable bell volume 
    • Fully renovated 
    • Great condition
    • Line cord fitted (to allow for the modern telephone sockets)
    • Works on any telephone line
    • Will not effect broadband speed in anyway due to it's detailed conversion.