Danish D08 Desk Telephone 1920's

Danish D08 Desk Telephone 1920's

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These telephones (the D08 Model) were maunfactured in Denmark from 1908 until the early 1920's. They were in regular use until 1977. That is a long period of time for a telephone to stay in circulation for its subscribers, this was down to their superior engineering and construction.

During the 1970's they were gradually withdrawn from service and a great number were shipped to America.

This telephone's design and reliability was so popular that in the 1970's Japan decided to reproduce them and mimicked the general style of the telephone and then Taiwan followed by introducing more garish examples in 'gold' and 'onyx' and these copies are still available today. It has to be noted that they are nowhere near the quality of an original D08 such as this fine example at Ronnie Retro's.



When a telephone comes to us for repair / renovation sometimes it is a little difficult to decide 'how far to go' with the renovation process. We try to keep as many original parts as possible and to retain its used look. Our main objective is to 'revive' as many of the telephones we have and to get them fully functioning again for modern day use so they can be used again for many generations to come. This telephone was no exception. It has been dismantled and cleaned and it comes with all of its original wear, imperfections, paint chips and blemishes that have taken place in the last 90-100 years.



The handset internal receiver is the original and the microphone (transmitter) has been updated to an electronic one . The dial would have been added around the 1920's  when automatic exchanges were first being introduced. This has now been dismantled cleaned and serviced.

The window on the top right hand side of the telephone body shows a counter which was used to display the number of calls made from this telephone. Obviously this is does not function now but it has be retained as it provides some of the telephones history.


Internally parts have been added to allow it to function safely and reliably and a pulse to tone converter has been added allowing you to do telephone banking. Yes telephone banking on a telephone that is a genuine antique at over 90-100 years old! This telephone is another real gem.

Measurements are : width 26cm x depth 21cm x  Height 22cm (approximately)



Please look at all the photographs to see all of its original detail and character. A genuine old telephone that has been saved and one that externally has retained all its history. All you have to do is plug it into your telephone socket, use it and admire it. Enjoy!

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    • Free P&P
    • 12 Month Guarantee 
    • Pulse to tone converter fitted
    • Electronic Transmitter (microphone)
    • Suitable for telephone banking and menu selection
    • New line cord fitted (to allow for the modern telephone sockets)
    • Works on any telephone line 
    • Will not effect broadband speed in anyway due to it's detailed conversion.
    • This phone, this age and condition is very rare.