1980's Push Button Mickey Mouse

1980's Push Button Mickey Mouse

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This telephone must be plugged into a socket or adapter/broadband filter that has a ring capacitor inside for the telephone’s bells to ring correctly.


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Launched by BT in the early 80's, this telephone was the 'New Generation' of tone dial telephones from the Disney range. Marketed for children then realising adults loved them too this telephone was a real hit.


Produced under licence by BT, Disney telephones were hitting the Uk market by storm.

Popular in America the home of Disney, they realised that the telephone didn't need to be 'just a telephone' it could be fun and vibrant as well.


This American produced model is in great condition and has been fully renovated and restored and looks amazing. Standing at over 37cm tall Mickey will surely make an impact?!

Stripped cleaned and polished, this is a smashing example.


Another lovely telephone to be admired and we are sure it will be taking pride of place in someones home or office really soon! Just plug it in and away you go.


This is tone dial so it will work on all providers and suppliers and can be used for telephone banking and menu selection etc. 




  • Telephone Info.

    • Plug in and use
    • All complete
    • Postage and Packaging is included
    • A great investment.
    • Replacement line cord fitted (to allow for the modern telephone sockets)
    • Works on any telephone line.
    • This phone, this age and condition is very rare.