1976 Ericsson Transparent Case -Flashing L.E.D's

1976 Ericsson Transparent Case -Flashing L.E.D's

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A fantastic little telephone this one.

This Ericsson T65 de-Luxe fitted with a transparent case allowing you to see inside and see all the components is really great.  Transparent cased telephones were often used as salesman demonstration models or special gifts. Very rarely were these massed produced in large numbers.

 Some time during its life time it has been fitted with red L.E.D's that flash with the bell on an incoming call (see video in the gallery), making it a little different.

It is a lovely sturdy robust little telephone that will definately get your visitors talking!

It is photographed sitting next to a Post Office black 706 to give an indication of its size.



 All renovated ready for work and to be admired. 

Go on, replace one of your cordless land line phones with a piece of nostalgia. Even as an ornament they look amazing and we guarantee the two questions you will be asked are, “Does it work?” and “is it old?” and with our telephones you can reply “Yes it’s a Ronnie Retro!”




  • Product info.


    • 12 Month guarantee
    • Fully renovated 
    • Very good condition
    • Works on any BT pulse dialtelephone line
    • Will work fully on other Pulse dial telephone lines.
    • Will not affect broadband speed in anyway due to it's detailed conversion.


    This is a pulse dial telephone and requires a telephone line that supports pulse dialling. 

    Please check with your provider. 

    If you are unsure, a ‘Pulse to Tone Converter’ can be fitted and this will enable your telephone to function on any telephone line. 

    This can be fitted at a cost of £35 prior to dispatch.

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